Self Realization drive continues in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Realization drive in Dhaka seems to have acquired a great speed in recent times where a massive campaign is already underway. The forthcoming Realization drive is scheduled in Dhaka in Early week of January 2011. A team of enthusiastic yogis from India have already geared up from various states to join their main stream at Dhaka to take this divine drive to a newer dimension. Of course it is all Mother’s blessings. In the recent historic Shri Virata Puja in November 2010 held in Delhi already had representing member yogi from Dhaka. May be the desire in heart is now showing up results.

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Even before the massive campaign for the Realization drive could have gone rolling, in a recent event it was learnt more 74 students from the American University(AIUB)based in Dhaka along with their five faculty members received their Realization. The entire process happened within 3-4 days time. While more than 150 students had been in line who expressed their desire to follow up from that University.

The most interesting part was the new comers in Sahaja Yoga of this American University in Dhaka took all initiatives to campaign for this drive. It indeed is felt Mother choose Her own instruments for the Divine cause.

Recently in yet another invitation cum two days workshop, 134 students from the same University in Dhaka (AIUB) attended the Realization programme and took their Realization.

As a result the meditation Centre currently is enjoying a greater collective in the weekly meetings on Friday. The current status on a conservative scale hosts at least 13 new comers besides the old established yogis, who comes and meditate. They have all inquisitiveness and also practice the regular cleansing techniques to keep their instruments clean. It is also interesting to note that some have been even bringing in their parents to attend the regular meditations.

Recently the AIUB –the American University is learnt to have issued certificate to their students who had been attending Sahaja Yoga in their own dialect. Therefore, there is a very positive response in Dhaka for Sahaja yoga.

Dhaka Sahaja collective is very anxiously waiting for Indian yogis especially from West Bengal to join them as logistically the place is in great proximity (approachable by Bus or train regularly but would require a passport and a VISA from India) and also have an added benefit of familiar spoken language that could permeate into their own community at ease.

Jai Shri Mataji


  1. dilip pl jain, indore.

    jay sri mataji,

    indeed a great job is ” to give self realisation to every man kind” around the world.
    may mother bless u all and give the courage, power and pure desire.
    we pray every best for u all.
    thanks u all…
    thanks to our great maa.

  2. Jai Shri Mataji,
    Great work, carry on. Through the grace of Shri Mataji you’ll achieve success in Bangladesh.

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