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More than 60 seekers receives their Self Realization at Gulshan Park and Manik Ganj in Dhaka Bangladesh on 23rd July 2010.

This is the third time in a row that Dhaka, Bangladesh is witnessing the blessing of Mother’s infinite love and compassion as more than 60 seekers turned up for taking their Self realization. The enthusiastic Sahaja Yogis from Dhaka all joined their hands for spreading Her divine message of love through Self realization programme at Gulshan Park.

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In the wake of Guru Puja and dedicating it at Her Divine Lotus Feet of our most Holy Mother the collective of Bangladesh initiated by Mr. Ashok Singh had organized a Self Realization campaign at Gulshan Park (Jogger’s park) on 23rd July Friday in the wake of the Guru Puja weekend, while the follow up was scheduled for the 24th Saturday. In spite of Muslim background, the seekers from various spheres of profession and background welcome the yogis with all love and an open heart to accept what the Sahaja Yogis with great love had to share amongst them. As if they knew it was but the truth and nothing else that was being shared and thus showed great interest in learning many other things like thirsty seekers.

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Dhaka Bangladesh

On the very first day viz,. on 23rd July more than 60 seekers turned up for receiving their Self Realization in the Gulshan Park. This included 18 lady seekers. On the very first initiation they all felt the coolness and the joy. They were briefed in short about the Sahaja Yoga. It was easier to translate this spiritual message as it permeated at ease with in without resistance due to their bhakti. The entire process had an advantage blended with a serene ambience and milieu all around amidst a beautiful natural surrounding.

The second day viz 24th July was the scheduled follow up programme of previous day’s event. this time Along with Mr. Ashok Singh, Mr. Rajesh and his wife Radha initiated the follow up. There were around 38 seekers including 14 women who turned up and took their Self Realization. It was amazing to see their enthusiasm and they immediately agreed for a subsequent follow up and were interested in carrying forward a collective meditation session for the next 30 days continuously everyday at 6.45AM -7AM in the hosting club itself.

However taking into account of the near future Ramzan festival where they fast for long hours (preferably the people have their meals at early dawn around 4:00 in the morning and most of time spend late hours in bed till noon) and thus the schedules for the collective meditation is subject to change. Interestingly there was a new but established yogini and a Pilipino gentleman who also took part in the programme.

Concurrently, another yogi Mr. Apurba Datta from Dhaka who happened to be a colleague of Mr. Ashok Singh , on his motivation of Mr. Singh personally initiated a Realization drive amongst a number of villagers in Manikganj village .Amazingly many expressed their joy and interest in Sahaja yoga. Thus separately another Realization drive in Manik ganj village has been planned out and been scheduled early next month for 6th and 13th August by the existing collective in Dhaka. It is expected that by next 15 days the number of yogis are surely going to increase manifolds in this village by the holy grace of Shri Mataji. Meanwhile it is interesting to note that yet another bonus blessings was showered upon Dhaka collective as around 10 students from an American University in Dhaka -AIUB (who received their Realization recently) have also joined the existing collective at Dhaka and regularly now visiting yogis’ place to meditate and even showing a keen interest in foot soaking.

The Sahaja Yogis of Bangladesh express their deep sense of gratitude to the web team who hosted their National contact and flag (in the internet world at which not only gave chance to a couple of new seekers to visit the regular centre at Dhaka after visiting the website of our Sahaja Yoga link, but also accept Sahaja Yoga after learning about it from our site itself. As if Shri Mataji Herself was sending each of these seekers out of the blue since our last Realization drive in Dhaka.

The Sahaja Yogis of Bangladesh would like to express their love to the entire family members of Sahaja Yogis who had continuously focussed their attention on the Sahaja activities being carried out from time to time in their country. Also they would like to convey at Her Holy Lotus Feet that verily Shri Mataji is the Doer and the collective of Bangladesh along with others like to express their sincere gratitude and thank Her again and again for these beautiful moments which allowed the seekers to receive their Self Realization in Dhaka. Mother, may You kindly accept our small offering at Your Holy Lotus Feet and may our surrender and millions of pranam be accepted at Your Holy Lotus Feet. Amen!

Jai Shri Mataji

Bangladesh Collective


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  2. all the very best to our sahaj yogi brothers and sisters spread the nirmal love with Shree Mataji’s blessings as far as Shree Mataji wants to 🙂
    loads of nirmal love to all

  3. GREAT JOB PAPA ….. HOPE TO JOIN YOU VERY soon 🙂 all the BEST convey my best wishes to apurba uncle rajesh uncle & radha aunty loads of love to all along with best wishes 🙂

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