Self Realization at American International University, Bangladesh

Sunday, 17th October 2010

Recently on October 4th 2010, there was a seminar held on the “Improving Decision-making and problem-solving skills by Modern Spiritual techniques”. This was organized by the Department of Management and Human Resources Management Faculty of Business Administration by the American International University, Bangladesh. This was entirely based on the Sahaja Yoga meditation technique followed by Self Realization to the participants. The venue was at the AIUB Auditorium, (Campus 1) – 6th Floors.

By the holy blessings of Shri Mataji the guest speaker was Ashok K Singh, Country Head, Aditya Birla Group, who is a Sahaja Yogi and also coordinating Sahaja activities in Dhaka, Bangladesh along with others. Mr. Rashed and Shubho, two enthusiastic yogis both from a Muslim background from Bangladesh who received their Realization recently helped in organizing and hosting the programme. Notices were displayed at several boards for a wider communication while several banners were put up at various corners of the Campus as a part of massive campaign undertaken and hosted by the AIUB Management Department itself. It was amazing to see how the things worked by itself. Although little did other knew that it was indeed the work of the ganas and divine attention of our most Holy Mother Shri Mataji on Bangladesh which started since onset of early 2010 itself.

The event commenced at 1400 hrs and lasted for at least two hours as the time slot was prescheduled. It was followed by a Self Realization to more than 130 participants attending the seminar.

The most interesting fact was that it was indeed a complete Divine work which followed spontaneously without much effort. The Dean of the University, the heads of the Departments and Faculty members were in great admiration for the programme. They not only felt the cool and experienced the Divine love and the meaning of silence for the first time. But they were awed by witnessing the fact that all the students present were driven in complete silence which was a feature that was never seen before as Dean mischievously quipped while interacting with the yogis.” I am astonished to see such pin drop silence prevailing for the first time by our student of this University in our campus” commented the Dean in his closing speech.

It was an amazing experience to see more than 100s taking the Self Realization and felt the cool over their palm or head. It is needless to mention that the experience was so intense during those moments that Departments are seriously working out for hosting regular meditation session devoted to Sahaja Yoga on a weekly /fortnightly basis for their students.

We thank Shri Mataji again and again for this wonderful opportunity which helped us to grow more confident and spread Her holy message in this part of the country that needs attention of all yogis around the globe to establish its meditation centre with more yogis and seekers. Currently Dacca Centre enjoys a collective of around 25 regular yogis who comes for weekly meditation. Seekers although have been over pouring since a few Realization programme already hosted around Dhaka. But what we need at the moment is more support from neighboring countries to come and help vibrate this land. The seekers do come up and they are ardent and sincere too but they require stability. Of course Shri Mataji is the Doer but we need love of entire world and attention of yogis so that Sahaja Yoga spreads with all leaps and bounds. The community is a mixed one with majority with Muslim population. Their main dialect is Bengali but they understand Hindi also. On the other hand the cross-cultural cosmo environment is seen in this part of the University and they understand English.

We are indebted to Shri Mataji for this opportunity that She blessed us with. We offer our millions of pranam and surrender at Her Holy Feet. May the same kindly be accepted.

Jai Shri Mataji

Collective of Bangladesh


  1. JSM, Please mail the details used for display for telling sahajayoga on the topic of decision making.

    Yash Inamdar, Pune.

  2. Hi brothers, sisters,
    Congratulations for this important event. These people have recognized the efficiency of Mother’s techniques. With this, Shri Mataji prepares the future of your country.
    Much love from Belgium

    Congratulations, I´m felling full of love just reading your mail. Love :Mary

  4. Jai Shri Mataji.!
    Congratulations, I fell full of love , reading your mail.
    Mary Legua

  5. MOTHER`S LOVE to Bangladesh,JSM!

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