Sahaja awakening in a Drug awareness platform in Dhaka

25 January, Tuesday

Recently on 25th January, 2011 there was yet another Sahaja event hosted in Dhaka where Sahaja Yogis participated in a drug awareness programme and gave Realization to over 75 students. Mr Ashok Singh a Sahaja Yogi from Dhaka invited as a guest speaker candidly confided in the young generation that Sahaja Yoga is the only path through which one can attain de-addiction to drugging and is the only solution to combat this crisis.

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In a very restricted and distinguished gathering amongst the international students, elitist and young generation a special programme on Drug awareness was hosted by the AIESEC .The awareness programme had its focus mainly on the younger generation who were prone to a high risk exposure to these drug menace. The programme was presented through an outlet of international forum designed for the young people to explore and develop their leadership potential, organized by AIESEC. Among the hosting dignitaries the guest speakers who were invited for the occasion were Dr. (Capt.) Mozibur Rahman Fokir, State Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Rtn. AK Mashood Ahmed, Chairperson, UNICEF Global Staff Association (2005-2007), Dr Arup R Choudhury, UN global recruiter and Mr. Ashok Singh, country Head, Aditya Birla Group and also a very active Sahaja Yogi from Dhaka.

Interestingly Mr. Ashok lives in the vicinity of the University rows in Dhaka where most of the education establishments are situated and also the affluent of Dhaka resides.

It was almost after an hour of marathon deliberation on the ‘Death dealing of drugs’ by the two speakers, Mr. Singh (Sahaja Yogi) finally was invited to address the gathering. His impromptu address took off by initiating hardly a few words as introduction on menace of drugs in the society. Later, appreciating the need to understand the seriousness of the issue as put forth by his fellow speakers (who had already addressed before him), Mr. Singh posed a very simple but subtle question before the audience by emphasizing on– ‘until now we have heard about the problem and effects of drugs on our youngster, but it is high time we ask ourselves what could the solution be to these gnawing problem’? ‘After all who could suggest us means to come out of it’?”

There was a pin-drop silence for a moment. After a few seconds pause, Mr. Singh broke the silence with a smile as he continued “…just spread your palms to experience the breeze. Sahaja Yoga will bless you with solution. I have felt it, millions have felt it across the world and you too will feel it, should you desire for it, I bet.  It’s a global phenomenon, it has happened globally and it will happen here also. What we require is to reinstate our faith in us and the power that created us. It will take care of everything.”

As the Realization process was initiated, 75 enthusiastic seekers experienced the bliss of that moment as most of them felt the breeze. The cool breeze spoke for almost everyone present that on day in the hall. It made its own impact and transformed entire milieu in the campus like a magic.

Such strong was Mother’s blessings that yogis present could feel as if Shri Mataji Herself was present physically to take care of the entire event.

Following the program, the most interesting episode that happened was, Mr. Singh along with the visiting yogis became the focus of attraction like celebrities in the hall amongst the seekers who seemed to be almost awed with such experience in practical. Everyone stood-up forming queues in two rows greeting them with claps as they made their way to the exit walking through the middle of the rows of the audience. The entire environment became extremely joyous and the continuous applaud just assured the same.

We Thank You Mother for Your endless blessings and compassion for the seekers in Dhaka.

Jai Shri Mataji

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  1. An opportunity presented itself and our divine Mother showed the way to our Sahaja yogi and the message was beautifully communicated. It shows the Way!

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