Self Realization progresses in Bangladesh – Easter Sunday, 24th April 2011

Another Self Realization programme in line was hosted on 23rd April; Friday in Dhanmundi University Campus of Bangladesh that hosts the International Islamic University of Chittagong.

International Islamic University of Chittagong

International Islamic University of Chittagong

This University Campus is supposed to be one of the most conservative Universities in Bangladesh. The faculty members with students comprising 70 ladies (female students) along with their Registrar- Mr. Zahid,  received their Self realization by Mother’s Divine grace. Most of them felt very peaceful from inside with their inner awakening and several claimed to have experienced the cool breeze on top of their heads and on their palms.

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The entire Self Realization programme was organized with the help of existing yuva from Bangladesh, Subho and Rashed who took all leads along with Mr. Ashok Singh to conduct the programme. It was hosted in Dhanmondi campus Management department of the Islamic University. Mr. Zahid , Registrar provided all necessary help and organizing this Unique programme in their campus.

Every thing seemed to be working out with spontaneity. It was amazing to witness that in spite of their all conservative reservations in mind, the feed back received from each of them were very encouraging. It is indeed the magical work of Shri Mataji’s love and compassion and attention on Bangladesh that the program went so well. The earlier experiences with other universities were indeed joy giving but this particular one literally sends a tangible message of tremendous joy in heart to share. It shows how Mother’s divine work and attention is currently working in Bangladesh. In fact many of the Sahaja Yogis in Dhaka claimed that vibrations were much more profound in this campus than they had experienced in AIUB programmes earlier.

As they experienced their awakening by the blessings of our beloved Mother, most of them remarked later that  they thoroughly enjoyed the session and overflowed with  request to the organizers to initiate regular collective meditation classes at least  once every week.

As a part of follow up session following the self Realization they were briefed about Foot soaking technique also along with various subtle knowledge. Later , the students and the faculty thanked the organizers and requested them to come back again for conducting  further sessions in their campus.

Shri Mataji we thank You again and again from the depth of our hearts and pray You kindly continue showering such blessings on Bangladesh in future also to conduct  such effortless programme- to carry forth the divine message of  Sahaja Yoga to all nooks and corners of Bangladesh. It all happened by Your Holy grace that we could gather so many seekers, who reflected their Love for all of us appreciating this wonderful event that worked out like magic. We pray we could grow faster with Your blessings in Bangladesh with a lot more Sahaja Yogis to join our big family.

Jai Shri Mataji

Bangladesh Collective


  1. Congratulations! We enjoy very much the news coming from our dear sahaj family from Bangladesh! Keep the divine flow going .. until all Bangladesh will become a peaceful garden covered by living enlightened lotuses .. emanating the cool fragrance of sahaja yoga.. With much love from Canada

  2. Jai Shri Mataji

    Namaste & Congratulations!!!!!!!

    Thank You Shri Mataji for giving you all these opportunities to spread Her Message of Love!!!

    Jai Shri Mataji

  3. Jai Shri Mataji! Happy for You and all of us:)) LOVE, Russia

  4. Jai Shri Mataji!

    Thank you so much for sharing the stories, pictures, joy, success, and beautiful vibrations of this tour… I can feel how truly together in Mother’s love we really are, though physically apart. from Australia

  5. Jai Shri Mata Ji,
    Really great work done for spreading the divine love.
    May Shri Mata Ji bless for further strengthening the Sahaja Work in Bangladesh,
    Hyderabad, India

  6. Gottumukkala Niranjan

    Happy to see great effort to continue our Divine Mother message to entire creation. Let Mother guide us to make entire creation of her to become Divine Souls. May God bless all of us to love entire creation.

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